Time to Read Classic Books, Enjoy Amazing Benefits

Think you don’t have the time and patience to read the classics? You might want to change that kind of thinking, if you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of reading classic literature.

With the surprising advantages that come with it, you would want to rethink your gift options, and shop for personalized books for adults instead.

In this digital day and age, classic books have become a thing of the past, found only in libraries and bookstore shelves, and, sometimes, gathering dust at home. Most people these days prefer the electronic versions, and even the audio files, where you listen to books instead of reading them.

It is safe to say that the modern era is not so kind with classic novels and literature. Why bother reading long, tedious text written in the form of an English language that is difficult for the average reader?

a girl reading book outdoor


Then move not while my prayer’s effect I take
Thus from my lips, by thine my sin is purg’d. [Kissing her.]


Then have my lips the sin that they have took.

This is an excerpt from the original text of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. You have to admit it requires your full attention to understand a simple conversation between protagonists. But when you do get the gist of what is being said, the impact is stronger, more powerful. This is because classic books have certain elements that may no longer exist in modern-day novels or have become shallow.

So if you read the classics and identify these special elements, you will not only have a renewed appreciation for these reading materials, but also a mind that dares to think beyond what the modern world offers. Isn’t the idea of going for classic customizable books for adults becoming more and more attractive now?

The Elements That Make a Classic One of a Kind

  • Vivid and varied characters

No matter how many romance novels you read, classic or otherwise, there can only be one Romeo and one Juliet. Their character development remains relatable to this day, even when they are so dated. To some, sacrificing wealth for love may be impractical and illogical, but many still wish for someone like Romeo.

  • Sentence and vocabulary variations

Reading books is key to better writing. But the classics take that further by providing you with variations of how to write sentences and improve your vocabulary and spelling beyond “the usual”. Why settle with “formerly” when you can vary with “beforetime”, or “abroad with out of doors”?

You can’t always use archaic or antiquated words, but the level of skills and knowledge you display when you can would leave many impressed. It’s quite something when you can inject old-fashioned flavour to an article or conversation.

  • Be among a different breed of “cool” people

People’s perception of cool can be subjective. But it is way cooler if you can relate with intellectuals instead of just individuals. And some of the people you can be at level with are the likes of Tom Hiddlestone who is pretty cool as a Marvel villain, but even more astounding with a double first in Classics at Cambridge.
For these reasons, it is critical that you read classic books. To make it more fun and exciting, get personalized story book for adults where your name will be used instead of Romeo or Juliet. It’s also one of the best gift ideas for a girlfriend or a loved one.