Rainy Day? Let’s build a story!!

Rainy season with a sad boy looking outside the window

Look familiar? It’s another rainy day and everyone is house bound. Exclamations of “I’m so bored” resound, paired with long loud sighs. It would be so easy to switch the TV on and plop them down in front of it. Wouldn’t it?

Not today you say! Today we are going to be creative, think outside the box and keep the peace. Often easier said than done, so what to do?


No, the kids won’t be able to concentrate for long enough, and anyway they have read everything front to back a dozen times or more.

Not like this they haven’t. Today we are going to create the very world of their favourite story, right here at home and we will help them rediscover that “first read” magic all over again.

Hmmm. Sceptical? Let’s choose a book. How about Peter & Wendy? Excellent choice! Now get the kids and let’s get started.


Instructions for the creation of Magic

  • Gather the kids and explain that you will be creating a fairy tale in the sitting room today. If that does not get them interested nothing will.
  • For Peter & Wendy think about what you have around the house that will help to create the right setting and make a list, allotting tasks to each child.
  • Decide on a favourite scene or aspect of the book that you can use – for instructional purposes let’s say – Wendy’s House in the Jungle.
  • This is where you will gather to read the story when the scene is set.
  • To help you get ideas, you can sing Wendy’s Song from that chapter with the children, as you plan and create the magical space.
  • The little house can easily be done. Tie some string from one picture hook to another (on opposite walls) and drape a sheet over it.
  • Using some books pin the edges out so that you have a tent shape.
  • Gather all the house plants into the sitting room to set the scene but don’t overdo it. You need to be able to move about without making a mess.
  • Pop loads of comfy blankets, cushions and pillows into the little “house”.
  • Next get the craft station set up to help create props.

School art supplies

  • Make green & brown papers chains to drape over the little house, these will be your vines.
  • Draw and colour in bright parrots and long green snakes for your jungle.
  • Decide on what characters you would like to be and play dress up to help everyone fit the role.

Finally after all of that you get to settle down to read the book! Make sure you have lots of snacks and drinks ready, not like the poor lost boys, who often had to make believe that they had eaten!

You can use this concept for any of your children’s favourite stories. It is a fun way to spend a rainy day. The best thing about projects like this, is that once you get started, the ideas just keep coming. Everyone gets inspired and wants to pitch in and keep the magic going. Have a lovely rainy day!