Great Classic Gifts

Since the beginning of time we have shown our gratitude and affection by giving presents to our family and friends. We do this to show how much someone means to us and you have to admit, it’s a pretty good feeling knowing you have just made their day a little more special.

I thought we could look at two really great gifts from history.

The hanging gardens of Babylon

The story goes that Amytis (the wife of Nebuchadnezzar II) was feeling a little homesick for Media (Iran). So the Babylonian monarch did what any good husband would do in this situation. He created a wonderland full of all her favorite plants from home. Due to an earthquake sometime round 2 B.C it is no longer in existence and there are those who say that it was simply a case of Chinese whispers which got out of hand and that the gardens never really existed at all! Still, all in all it sounds like a really thoughtful gift. A little bit more extravagant than the average bunch of flowers!


Unfortunately this gift is no longer available, but when the infamous Egyptian queen was unable to get an audience with Caesar, she had to think outside the box to make sure she got her way. A servant delivered her rolled up in a priceless carpet as a gift. She got her audience, his help with her subjugation of the Egyptian throne and he even gave her a son. The gift that keeps on giving springs to mind!

So while us mere mortals cannot give immense gardens and queens as gifts, there still is one thing that rich and poor alike can give – and that is time.

When deciding on a gift for a loved one it does not have to be expensive. It should be something that will show you have invested thought and care into its choosing.

Here at I’m the story our personalized classic books fit the bill.

Boy reading bookWhat little boy would not love to find that he was in fact Peter Pan in his very own special edition from our classic story books for children range?

Every little girl would love to be Alice in Wonderland chasing after the rabbit.

Our classic books for kids range allow endless enjoyment that can be revisited and cherished at bedtime readings or housebound family days.

These personalized kids gifts are beautifully crafted with final finish options to suit every pocket and encase every dream.

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