Customized Story Books – The way back to reading

A kid holding a smart phoneWith the prevalence of technology in our life, sometimes we overlook the simple joys of a good book. We pop online and see videos of young kids expertly navigating their parent’s smart phones or other devices or even their very own device.

It can be difficult to convince them that a book will be just as much fun (if not more so!) and really that is where customizable options can play a big role in getting this generations kids back in love with reading.

At we provide individually tailored classic books which allow your child to have the starring role. These stories can help generate or reawaken a love of reading. For younger children it is a great opportunity for family bonding. As the evening draws in and the bustle of the day dies down, why not bring back the old tradition of a night time story before bed. Memories are made in the telling of stories. We make the keepsakes for those memories.

When I was little girl, I loved to read. I remember thinking about the stories and adventures and often imagined myself being there, with my favorite characters. My best memories of childhood revolved around those books, those characters, those very first friends waiting for me to meet them again and again, every time I opened a book.

For kids who are growing up in an ever more technological environment I think these customized story books can be a way back to reading. We chose some of our favorite classics for this. These are tried and tested generation after generation. Some of the current most popular movies are based on the books we have selected.

Here at we feel we are offering a way to reconnect with the written word. So click the link, browse our books and see what adventures you can jump into today!