11 Signs that you need a Customized Book in your Life

Here at imthestory.com we wanted to give you some step by step guidance to help you decide which of our customized classics best suits your needs. Happy reading!


#1 – Can’t afford bling, but want some
Well then, The Prince and the Pauper could be the book for you. These royals have old school bling and lots of it. Not to give away the end of the story, but hopefully you are only looking for short term bling…


#2 – Need some nature in your life
I recommend the Jungle book here. You will definitely get up close and personal with lots of creatures (maybe even the kind you don’t want) but it’s cheaper than a safari and you won’t need to get any shots before you go!

Waterfall in the Jungle

#3 – Life is lackluster
Then you need a little bit of Wonderland I reckon! Get your book, play hooky from your boring job (do not tell your boss I said that) and strap in for a seriously amazing journey – preferably in a comfy cushion filled corner, near your cat who begins to look more and more like a certain someone as the story progresses……


#4 – Burning desire to fight injustice
Robin Hood is the book for you. You get the funky outfit minus the ridicule of your nearest and dearest. You get to battle the evil dudes and yet walk away without a mark – win win!


#5 – Yearn to fly
But not in a Boeing. Peter and Wendy is the way to go then. One of the best classic stories of all time – filled with flying galore and best of all, it saves you from trying it out in real life on a really tall building somewhere…


#6 – Want to try Trainspotting
Not the film (For the love of god, do not rent out Trainspotting to watch with your children.) I’m talking about the book The Railway Children. Great read to share with the kids, lots of wartime adventure and all from the comfort of your own home – no outdoor all weather hours in an anorak required here.


#7 – Dreams of fulfilling your magical potential are falling flat
The wonderful wizard of Oz is what I prescribe here. Friendship, quests and magic galore! What kind of magic all depends on who you want to be…


#8 – Can’t get into the spirit of things
A Christmas Carol is the book for you. Whether you actually want to be one of the spirits or just learn a lesson from the spirits, well that’s up to you really!


#9 – Have turned into a landlubber
Treasure Island should sort that problem right out. Maps, intrigue and the high seas. Battles aplenty – whose side are you on?


Palm Trees in The Island or Beach

#10 – No love Life
Sounds like you need Romeo & Juliet then. Classic Shakespearean love story. We’ll just let you discover the tragic bit on your own……


#11 – Strange nightly blood lusts
Ehhhhhhm – okkkkk – well I would recommend a little more protein in your diet and if that doesn’t work then Dracula is the book for you. Hopefully it’s that simple…


So that’s the lineup. Get in touch with us today at imthestory.com, to ask any questions you might have. An amazing personalized order is only a few clicks away!