Personalize the worlds best loved books

Customize your stories!

You, your family members and friends can have
your names cast as the most famous roles of all time!

Whether taking Alice’s place to tumble into a land of adventure or running through the
jungle with the Lost boys, we are here to make those worlds come to life for you. Imagine
tucking yourself away in a quiet comfy corner before transporting to swashbuckling
adventures on the sea. Wind in your hair and salty spray on your face! Aaar!

Imagine their delight when they see this
wonderful one-of a kind gift, made just for them.

Our books are gateways to other worlds. The books themselves are beautifully crafted with
careful colour outlays which allow them to work wonderfully as a set.

It’s obvious that we are in love with our books here, but don't just take our word for it, feel
free to check out our testimonials or contact us for further information.

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Our books

I’m the story features some of the world’s best loved classic books,
only now, you get to take part in these timeless stories!

We aimed to provide an opportunity for our readers of all ages, to step further into the
realm of fantasy than ever before, and here at I’m the Story that is something which we are
proud to say we have achieved.

We worked hard to choose the select stories we currently offer. There are so many
wonderful books out there, but we feel confident we made the right choices for our readers.

We provide such classics as:

Alice in Wonderland Book for KidsRobin Hood Book for KidsRomeo and Juliet Book for Adults
A Christmas Carol Book for KidsPeter and Wendy Book for KidsDracula Book for Adults
The Jungle Book for KidsThe Prince and the Pauper Book for KidsThe Railway Children Book for Kids
The Wizard of Oz Book for KidsTreasure Island Book for Kids

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