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Customize your stories!

Would you like to star in a famous novel? Ever dreamt of being the main character in your favorite book? Or perhaps you’re just looking for that perfect birthday present and you have personalized classic books on your mind?

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We create customized books for children, adults and
children at heart

Whatever the reason is, the search for a unique present for your loved ones is over. With attractive covers and completely personalized characters, you will be able to choose from plenty of unique options and create your own story. Star in Romeo and Juliet, hop down the yellow brick road or become the boy who doesn’t want to grow up - the choice is yours. You can now customise the world’s most beloved classic books!

Personalized classic books as a present!

These books are a perfect gift that will add an extra meaning to your loved one’s favorite story.

Customized books are perfect for any occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Valentine’s day
  • Christmas present
  • Halloween surprise
  • Wedding present
  • Baby showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Personal events
  • Everyday gift

Whilst we have many options for your young ones, you can also find several books for adults. You can create
your own Romeo and Juliet story, become a character in the classic Dracula novel or personalize children’s
books such as Alice in Wonderland or Robin Hood.

Benefits of having a personalized book for your child:

  • Let them become their own superhero.
  • Develop early confidence in their abilities.
  • Create a spark in their imagination.
  • Higher literacy and reading skills.

Why you should give a personalized book to an adult:

  • Make them smile and reconnect with their childhood.
  • Bring out their creativity.
  • Unique present they will not expect.
  • Connect with them on a personal level.

How it works?

Our books are completely customizable for kids and adults. Give each character a customized name and watch
a classic book come to life - your life.

5 simple steps to a customized classic book:

  1. Choose your favorite book
  2. Replace all characters’ names
  3. Add inscriptions
  4. Upload a photo for the inside page
  5. Choose a paperback or hard cover

And that’s it - you’re all done! All you need to do now is order and wait a few more days before your book gets
delivered. Easy and simple.

We wish you happy reading and we can’t wait to see which adventure you will choose as your own.

Ready to get started?